Welcome to My Portfolio Website. I am a video editor who graduated from Pittsburgh Technical Institute. As you go through my website, you will see some of my best work. So, find a piece you are interested in, sit back, and enjoy! Thank you for visiting.

"The Incredibles" Foley Project

Talent Showcased: Audio Editing

Objective: Accurately recreate the audio soundtrack for a two minute segment of the movie “The Incredibles”

Target Audience: General Audience


  • Used reverb to make the crash sound as if located in a more open setting.
  • Reversed and stretched Mr. Incredible's breathing to create the robot sound.
  • Utilized EQ to vary the sound of the female character’s voice both from inside and outside of the capsule.
  • "Inception" Movie Trailer

    Talent Showcased: Motion Graphics, Audio/Video Editing

    Objective: Promote the movie “Inception”

    Target Audience: Teenagers, Adults


  • Sound effects were added to draw the audience in.
  • Drifting text elements were created, giving it a strange appearance which matches the theme of the film.
  • Slow music was added creating a 'slow paced' feeling as the trailer builds tension.
  • AMCOM Advertisement

    Talent Showcased: Motion Graphics, Video Editing

    Objective: Advertise AMCOM printers to another school

    Target Audience: Adults


  • The straight edges of the Lower Third give the interview a modern look.
  • The PTI logo spins in and to help reveal the lower third.
  • The white textured background used gives the video a very corporate look.
  • 11 Week Show

    Talent Showcased: Motion Graphics, Audio/Video Editing, Videography*

    Objective: Promote the Steel City Roller Derby

    Target Audience: Adults


  • Voiceovers were added to supplement the B-Roll and give the viewer more information.
  • Shots were synced with music to keep the audience’s attention, and give it a nice pace.
  • Recorded b-roll to be able to put just about anywhere in order to help the piece along and keep the audience entertained.
  • * NOTE: The footage was filmed by my team of 6. Austin Troxell, Courtney Zevios, Alexis Ruiz, Donna Tomblin, Jordan Schepis, and myself.

    "Continuum" - Opening Title Sequence

    Talent Showcased: 3D Modeling & Animation, Audio/Video Editing

    Objective: Introduce the short film “Continuum”

    Target Audience: General Audience


  • The credits were created by combining 3D names with 2D titles. To further contrast the items I chose to make the fonts for the titles white.
  • The hourglass sweep was created to make a nice transition between cuts.
  • Metal and other textiles were used to create a steam-punk look.
  • Items were modeled to represent time and space.
  • Me, Myself, and I

    Talent Showcased: Video Editing

    Objective: Entertain using Masks

    Target Audience: General Audience

    Contact Me:

    Phone: 330.415.5338

    Email: maury.doug@gmail.com